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1、(2016 丽水)It was a very special day because Dylan Terry came to the West End Children's Home!Dylan Terry is my favorite (66)singer (sing).I like him because he sings (67)wonderfully (wonderful),he's cute and he helps the kids a lot.
We (68)stood (stand) near the door,waiting for him.Everyone was very excited.Finally,hearrived arrived (69)and shook hands with us.He was so nice!He sang several songs for us.Some of us even started dancing (70)while he was singing.We were having a great time!
(71)To our surprise,Dylan joined us for lunch.He brought us (72)a/one big cake.Everyone ate some and (73)it was delicious.While we were eating,Dylan told us many interesting
(74)stories (story) about himself.I never thought I could talk to my favorite pop star.It was just like a dream.I (75)will remember (remember) this unforgettable experience forever.
【解答】66.答案:singer考查名词词组,根据"my favourite…我最喜爱的…"可知这里要用名词,结合句意"迪伦是我最喜欢的歌手."sing的名词singer歌手,故填:singer.
68.答案:stood.考查动词用法,句子中"waiting for him"作伴随状语,前面"We…near the door"句子中要用动词充当句子的谓语.结合后面的语境,这里要用一般过去时,动词用过去式,故填:stood.
69.答案:and.考查并列连词,根据句子"He arrived…shook hands with us."这里要连接两个动词,表示并列关系,用and和,又,故填:and.
70.答案:while考查连词,根据句子"我们中的一些人甚至在他唱歌时开始跳舞."可知这里要用连词连接从句,从句中用了"he was singing",表示过去正在进行,即过去进行时态,通常用while来连接,当…时候,故填:while.
71.答案:To 短语固定搭配,根据句子"迪伦和我们一起吃午饭.他给我们带来了一个大蛋糕."可以推断出"一位明星这样做,一定会让大家很惊讶."词组to one's surprise令人惊讶的是,故填:To.
73.it考查人称代词,根据前面"a big cake"以及"Everyone ate some"可知这里指的是"这个蛋糕是美味的."指代物(the big cake),作主语用人称代词主格,故填:it.
74.答案;stories考查名词复数,句子中"many"后接可数名词复数,即"许多有趣的故事",story的名词复数,以辅音字母 y结尾的名词复数,变y为i,加es,故填:stories.
75.will remember考查时态,根据句子中"forever永远"及句子意思"我将永远记住这难忘的经历"这里要用一般将来时,表示意愿,要用助动词will 动词原形,故填:will remember.
2、(2016 宁波)Long long ago,there was a small village in the Middle East.In the village there was (61)an old man called Sthira.He lived by himself.His only son had gone far away to study.Sthira's friends (62)wondered(wonder)whether his son would return,(63)but Sthira always said,"Whatever happens,happens for good."
One day the old man's son returned and the villages were very happy for Sthira.He thaked the villages and said (64)politely (polite),"Whatever happens,happens for good."However,later,Sthira's son broke his (65)leg.Once again the villages came to visit him and once again the old man thanked (66)them (they) and said,"Whatever happens,happens for good."Some of the villages were surprised (67)to hear(hear) this.Why?What was good?His son's leg got badly hurt!
After a few days,the army came to the village and forced all the young men to (68)join the army.When they found his son had a (69)broken (break) leg,they left him behind.Once again,all the villagers came to congratulate him on his (70)good luck,like always,the old man was still thankful to them and said,"Whatever happens,happens for good."
【分析】这是一篇记叙文,文章大意是:很久以前,中东的一个小村庄里一位老人Sthira独自居住,他唯一的儿子离家去学习了,他的朋友想知道他的儿子是否会回来,但是Sthira 总是说"无论发生了什么.都是好事."一天他的儿子回来了,村民为Sthira感到高兴,他十分感谢并高兴的说"无论发生什么,都是好事"然而,不久他的儿子的腿受伤了.每次村民去看望他,老人都感谢的说"无论发生什么,都是好事"一些村民感到奇怪,为什么?什么是好?他的儿子的腿都重伤了!
【解答】61.答案:an.there be表示有,be动词的单复数遵循就近原则,这里是was单数,故后面是单数名词,old是以元音音素[ u]开头,故用不定冠词an,故答案是an.
62.答案:wondered.这里是Long long ago很久很久以前的故事,用一般过去时,wonder是动词想知道,过去式是wondered,故答案是wondered.
65.答案:leg.根据后面的His son's leg got badly hurt他儿子的腿严重受伤了,his是形容词性物主代词,后加名词,故答案是leg.
66.答案:them.根据前文是the villages村民们去看他,是复数,作为thank感谢的宾语,用宾格,they的宾格是them,故答案是them.
67.答案:to hear.根据be surprised to do sth 做某事很惊奇,所给单词是动词hear听,故答案是to hear.
68.答案:join.结合前文the army came to the village and forced all the young men to 是军队来人强迫年轻人参军,参加军队用动词join表示参加,故答案是join.
3、(2016 上海)
A)realize B)public C)experiment D)pollution E)plastic
The scientist was in a hurry.She had to get some water for her (46)Cbefore darkness fell.She was testing the water in the rivers that went into the ocean.Her job was to find out the cause of (47)Din the sea at nearby beaches.She lifted out the water and looked angrily at the rubbish in it.Old clothers,(48)Ebags and pieces of paper were in the dirty water."Don't people (49)Athat everything they throw onto the street gets washed into rivers?And they lead right into the ocean!"she said loudly."How many years will it take to make it clean again?"
【解答】46.C 考查名词用法.根据关键部分get some water for her…可知形容词性物主代词后应该跟名词;结合后句She was testing the water in the rivers that went into the ocean( 她正在测试流进海洋的河水)可推知此处应是指取一些水做实验,结合选项故用名词experiment实验.故选C
47.D 考查名词用法.根据关键部分find out the cause of…可知of相当于名词所有格的功能,其后应该跟名词;结合后句She lifted out the water and looked angrily at the rubbish in it.(她提起了水,生气地看着里面的垃圾)可知水被污染了,所以这里应是指查明海水污染的原因,结合选项故用名词pollution"污染".故选D.
48.E 考查形容词用法.根据Old clothers,…bags and pieces of paper were in the dirty water可知这些东西都是海水里的垃圾,结合bags可知前面缺少一个形容词来修饰是什么样的袋子,因为是垃圾,所以联想到白色污染塑料袋,结合选项应用形容词plastic"塑料的".故选E
49.A 考查动词用法.根据"Don't people…that…可知that后引导宾语从句,故空处应该为动词; 结合后面everything they throw onto the street gets washed into rivers?联系前面可知此句为反意疑问句,表达肯定的意义;"他们扔到街上的所有东西都被冲刷进河流"是客观事实,所以此处应是反问难道没有意识到这一点吗?结合选项应该用动词realize"意识到".故选A
4、(2016 嘉兴)Alison Lapper,a very unusual painter,paints pictures for a living.She doesn't use her (51)hands(手)when she paints.She uses her mouth!Alison was born (52)without (没有)any arms.Her physical problem caused her to spend the first (53)seventeen (十七)years of her life in a hospital.But this didn't stop her from making her dreams in life come true.She (54)realized(认识到)that even though she was disabled,she could express herself as freely as (55)normol (正常的)people.This was what got her to start drawing paintings.
Although Alison lives (56)quite(十分)a different life from others,she believes that she can (57)succeed(成功)as others.Her paintings are excellent and they do not look like they were drawn by (58)someone/somebody(某人)who used her mouth.Alison has become a symbol of (59)courage(勇气).Her active way of living has encouraged many disabled people around the (60)world(世界)and will continue to do so in the future.
【分析】艾尔森 拉普是一个非同寻常的画家,她以画画谋生.她画画不用自己的手.她用嘴画!艾尔森出生时没有胳膊.她的身体问题导致她在医院度过了十七年.但是这并没有阻止她实现自己的梦想.她认识到即使她是残缺的,但她依然能像正常人一样自由地表达自己.这是让她画画的原因. 即使艾尔森跟别人的生活十分不一样,她仍然相信她能跟别人一样成功.她的画很优秀,看起来并不像某个人用嘴画的.艾尔森已经成了勇气的象征.她积极的生活方式已经鼓励了世界上很多的残疾人并将在将来持续下去.
【解答】51.hands 考查名词单复数.她不用手作画,所以此处应填hand的复数形式hands
52.without 考查介词.她出生时就没有胳膊,此处应用介词without表示否定
53.seventeen 考察基数词的用法.自她出生十七年一直在医院度过,所以应填基数词seventeen
54.realized/realized 考查动词的时态.她意识到即使她是残疾的,但她依然能像正常人一样表达自己.意识到:realize,再结合语境,此处应为一般过去时.故填:realized
55.normal 考查形容词. 她能像正常人一样自由地表达自己.正常的:normal
56.quite 考查副词. 艾尔森的生活和他人十分不一样.这里的"十分"为副词:quite
57.succeed 考查动词.她能像别人一样成功.情态动词后,动词用原形.故填:succeed
58.someone/somebody 考查不定代词. 看起来并不像某人用嘴画得,这里的"某人"为不定代词someone/somebody
59.courage 考查名词.她已经成了勇气的象征.此处为名词,勇气:courage
60.world 考查名词 世界上很多的残疾人.这里的"世界"为名词world
5、(2016 上海)
A)bright B)filled with C)exactly D)worried about E)immediately
The scientist felt sad deep in her heart.She (50)Dthe ocean animals as she walked back to the beach.But when she got there,a group of students and teachers from a local primary school were carrying bags of rubbish to the bins.They had spent their afternoon cleaning the beach!She was (51)Bjoy.
As she spoke with the teacher,the students gathered around them.With (52)Asmiles on their faces,they shouted,"We must do something to protect the ocean!"
"That's(53)Cright,"agreed the scientist,as she smiled at their kindness.
【解答】50.D 由后文的转折连词But可知,前后的内容是相反的,后面是让她感到惊喜的场景,因此可推知在去沙滩的路上,她心里很担忧,因此此处为worried about.
51.B 此处需表达的是看到前面的情景,科学家心里充满了快乐,需用到短语be filled with,因此答案为B.
52.A with后面加名词,表示伴随,smiles为名词,前面用形容词修饰,可知为A,A为形容词,bright.
53.C right为形容词,需由副词修饰,可推知为C或者E,一般不用E来修饰right,表达"很对",可以用exactly修饰,故答案为C.
6、(2016 绵阳)
find book big how mind clever swim school always name
Many years ago,there was a family named Franklin.They lived in Boston.There were five girls and six boys in the family.On a January day in 1706another baby was born.The boy's mother and her husband gave the boy a (66)name-Benjamin.
Benjamin was the(67)cleverest of all the children.He could read when he was five and he could write when he was seven.The next year his parents sent him to (68)school.
At school Benjamin was good at reading and writing,but not good at maths.He read all of his father's (69)books.And when he had money,he (70)alwayswent to buy books.He liked books.They told him (71)howto do something.The boy liked to use his head and tried to(72)find ways to help people enjoy life more.For example,he tried to know if there was some way to (73)swimfarther,maybe with something on his hands or feet.Slowly a picture of swimming shoes,or paddles,grew in his (74)mind.The paddles must be neither too (75)big nor too small.And they must be neither too heavy nor too light.At last he invented the paddle for swimming.
【解答】66.name 考查名词 根据下文的"Benjamin"可知,这是一个名字,故答案为name
67.cleverest 考查形容词的最高级 根据"He could read when he was five and he could write when he was seven"可知本杰明是一个聪明的孩子,又因为"the __ of all the children"可知这里应该用最高级,故答案为 cleverest
68.school 考查名词 根据下文的"At school"可知他的父母把他送去了学校,故答案为school
69.books 考查名词复数 根据"He read all of his father's"中的read,再结合选项可知,此处应填book的复数形式books
70.always 考查频率副词 根据下文"He liked books 他喜欢书"可知,此处应填频率副词always"他有钱的时候总是买书"来突出他对书的喜欢.
71.how 考查副词 根据"__ to do something"可知此处应选how 怎么,故答案为how
72.find 考查动词 根据句意"The boy liked to use his head and tried to _ ways to help people enjoy life more.这个男孩喜欢动脑筋并尝试_方法帮助人们享受生活"可知此处应为"寻找方法"的意思,try to do sth 此处为动词的不定式形式,故答案为find
73.swim 考查动词 根据下文的"swimming shoes"可知此处应为swim 游得更远;the way to do sth,此处swim用原形,故答案为swim
74.mind 考查名词 根据句意"Slowly a picture of swimming shoes,or paddles,grew in his _ 慢慢地,他的-中勾勒出了游泳鞋和短桨的图案"可知此处应为"脑海,头脑"的意思,in one's mind在某人的头脑里.故答案为mind
75.big 考查形容词 根据句意"The paddles must be neither too _ nor too small.短桨必须不_也不小"可知此处应为small的反义词,故答案为big
7、(2016 达州)children discourage under kiss upset shout look beg bring something
A long time ago,a man punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping(包着的)paper.Money was tight and he became very angry when the child tried to decorate(装饰)a box to put(76)underthe Christmas tree.
However,the little girl(77)broughtthe gift to her father the next morning and said,"This is for you,Daddy."The father was(78)upsetby his earlier overreaction(过激的),but his anger rose again when he found out the box was empty.He(79)shoutedat her."Don't you know,when you give someone a present,there should be (80)somethinginside?"
The little girl(81)lookedup at him,tears filled in her eyes,and cried,"Oh,Daddy,it's not empty at all.I blew(82)kissesinto the box.They are all for you,Daddy."The father was shocked.He put his arms around his little girl,and he(83)beggedfor her forgiveness.
Only a short time later,an accident took the life of the child.Her father kept that gold box by his bed for many years,and whenever he was(84)discouraged,he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of his(85)childwho had put it there.
【分析】很久以前,一个男人因为他三岁的女儿浪费了一卷金色的包装纸而惩罚她.本来钱就紧巴巴的,所以当他的孩子试图装饰一个放在圣诞树下面的盒子时,他非常生气. 然而,第二天早晨小女孩把礼物拿给爸爸说:"这是送你的,爸爸."爸爸因为之前的过激反应很难过.但当他发现盒子是空的时,他又生气了.他对着女儿大喊:"你难道不知道当你送别人礼物时,里面应该有东西吗?"小女孩望着他,眼泪充满眼眶,哭着说:"噢,爸爸,它不是空的.我放了很多吻在里面.它们都是给你的,爸爸."爸爸被震惊了,他怀抱着他的小女孩,然后请求原谅.
【解答】76:under 在…下面 考查介词 根据"put __ Christmas tree.放在圣诞树的…"可知,这里应该是一个介词,表示地点,故选under
77:brought 带来 考查动词的时态变化 根据"the little girl__the gift to her father 小女孩把礼物__爸爸."由下文知,礼物送给了爸爸,故此处应为"拿给"的意思,根据时态,应为bring的过去式brought.
78:upset 心烦的 考查形容词"爸爸为自己的过激行为感觉__"因为爸爸误会了自己的女儿,所以此时他的心情很烦乱,故选upset
79:shouted 呼喊 考察动词的时态变化 根据上文"anger rose again"可知爸爸非常生气,所以此处应用shout的过去式shouted
80:something 某物 考查不定代词 根据上文"the box was empty"可知句意应为"盒子里应该有东西",故选something
81:looked 看 考查动词短语 根据"The little girl _ up at him",再结合选项,此处应用look up 仰望,抬头看.因本文是一般过去时态,故用look的过去式looked
82:kisses 吻 考查名词的复数形式 由短文末尾的"take out an imaginary kiss"可知,此处应为kiss,又由下面的"they are"可知,应为复数形式kisses
83:begged 乞求 考查动词的时态变化 根据"he _ for her forgiveness"爸爸发现自己错了,故此处应为"他想乞求原谅"的意思,beg为动词乞求,又为一般过去时,所以用过去式begged.
84:discouraged 气馁的 考查构词法"whenever he was_ 任何他觉得_的时候"根据上文,他失去了他的女儿,作为父亲,他的心情是低落的,故用discourage的形容词形式discouraged
85:child 考查名词的单复数"the love of his_ had put it there"根据短文可知这是一个女儿和爸爸之间爱的故事,所以此句意应为"孩子放进去的爱"所以用children的单数形式child
8、(2016 滨州)One day,I took my daughter to the park.As soon as we got there,my daughter (81)ran(run) to the swing (秋千)and asked for a push.When I was helping my daughter,I noticed another girl trying to make her own swing (82)go(go) high by herself.Her old grandmother was
sitting on the chair nearby and smiling at us.Gradually,my daughter (83)was pushed(push) higher and higher by me.
Then I walked towards the little girl.I asked if I (84)could give(give) a big push to her.She smiled and said"Yes".For the next hour,I pushed the swings,and played with my daughter and the little girl.When we went home,I (85)was(be) tired but very happy.
One day two years later,after a day's work,I went to pick up my daughter before going home.
While I (86)was waiting(wait) outside the school gate,a little girl smiled sweetly at me and gave me a big hug.As I watched her (87)running(run) away,I realized that she was the girl whom I gave a big push in the park.
So far,I (88)haven't forgotten(not forget) her sweet smile and the warm hug that she gave me.
In fact,if we give love to others,love (89)will find(find) its way back to us.It may travel from heart to heart or it may blossom (开花)in the heart.The love we share,the kindness we (90)give(give),and the happiness we create will come back to us with a pleasant surprise.
【解答】81.ran 本文是讲一件过去的事情,由状语One day以及句子中的动词形态可知,因此此处为run的过去式,答案为ran.
82.go 此处考查了动词的使动用法,make sb do sth使某人做某事,故答案为go.
83.was pushed 此处需为被动语态,因为结合前文意思,my daughter是被我推动的,因此为is pushed,结合语态,全文主要时态为一般过去时,故答案为was pushed.
84.could give 此处需用情态动词can,表示征求同意,Can I…?而此处为if引导的宾语从句,需用陈述句语序,结合时态为一般过去时,因此为I could give.
85.was 结合时态为一般过去时,故为was.
86.was waiting 此处为while引导的时间状语从句,在从句中,动词为持续性动词,本句为wait,因此为be waiting,表示正在等,结合时态为一般过去时,故答案为was waiting.
87.running 考查watch sb doing sth,表示看见某人正在做某事,故为running,此处需用注意,running需要双写n.
88.haven't forgotten 联系句意,到现在,我也无法忘记她的甜美的微笑以及她给我的温暖的拥抱,说明的是过去的事情对我造成的影响,而且至今仍有影响,因此需用现在完成时.因此答案为haven't forgotten.
89.will find 此处考查了if引导的条件状语从句,主句的时态.在这里,if引导的条件状语从句为一般现在时,故主句时态为一般将来时,因此答案为will find.
90.give 考查时态的辨析.此处是描述现在的观点,故用一般现在时.根据前面的人称we,可知动词give的一般现在时为give,故答案为give
9、(2016 深圳)A dog entered a butcher's shop with a note in his mouth.The note read,"﹩10of lamb chops (羊排),please."
The butcher was very (46)surprised (surprise).He took the money,put a bag of chops in the(47)dog's (dog) mouth,and then he closed the shop (48)quickly (quick).He followed the dog and watched him wait for a green light.Then the dog crossed the road to a bus stop.He checked the timetable and sat on the bench.When a bus arrived,the dog checked the number and got (49)on it.
As the bus traveled out into the countryside,the dog enjoyed the scenery.After (50)awhile,he stood on his back paws (爪子)(51)to push (push) the"stop"button.Then the butcher followed (52)him (he) off.
The dog ran up to a house and dropped his bag on the ground.He went back down the path,took a big run,and (53)threw (throw) himself against the door.No answer.He repeated the action a few times.Then a big man opened the door (54)and started complaining about the dog and beating him.
Seeing this,the butcher ran up and shouted at the man,"What are you doing?This dog is a genius!"The man replied,"Genius?No way!He has forgotten his key for the (55)fourth (four) time this month!"
46.surprised 考查形容词用法 根据The butcher was very…(surprise)通过分析句子结构可知该处填入形容词作表语,结合所给词surprise以及该句子的主语是The butcher 即人作主语故用带ed的形容词意为"使某人…",故填surprised
47.dog's 考查名词所有格 根据He took the money,put a bag of chops in the…(dog) mouth通过分析句子结构可知该处在句中作定语修饰mouth表达一种所有关系,结合所给词为dog,故用其名词所有格形式dog's即"狗的"故填dog's
48.quickly 考查副词 根据 then he closed the shop…(quick).通过分析句子结构可知该处填入副词作状语,结合所给词quick为形容词其副词形式为quickly,故填quickly
49.on 考查固定短语 根据When a bus arrived,the dog checked the number and got…it.可知当一辆公交车到了时,这只狗看了一下车号,可推知然后上车结合空格前关键词got可知上车的英文表达为get on,即填入所缺的介词on即可,故填on
50.a 考查固定短语 根据After…while,he stood on his back paws,根据空格前的after 及后面的while可知"过了一会儿"的英文表达为after a while,即填入所缺的不定冠词a 即可,故填a
51.to push 考查不定式 根据After a while,he stood on his back paws (爪子)…(push) the"stop"button通过分析句子结构可知该空处在句中作目的状语,结合所给词为动词push,故用其动词不定式形式在句中作目的状语,故填to push
52.him 考查人称代词 根据Then the butcher followed…(he) off通过分析句子结构可知该空处在句中作宾语,结合所给词为人称代词主格he,故用其宾格形式,故填him
53.threw 考查动词时态 根据句子He went back down the path,took a big run,and…(throw) himself against the door.的结构可知所给词throw在句中与went、took为并列谓语,故时态一致,即都使用一般过去时态,故填入throw的过去式threw即可,故填threw
54.and 考查连词 根据句子Then a big man opened the door…started complaining about the dog and beating him.通过观察句子结构可知句中opened和started作并列谓语表达一种并列意思,故用表达并列关系的连词and连接,故填and
55.fourth 考查序数词 根据句子He has forgotten his key for…(four) time this month!通过观察句子结构可知该空处后接单数名词time,结合句意及所给词为基数词four,故填入序数词在句中作定语表达顺序即"第四次",故填fourth
10、(2016 玉林)
good interested enjoy most be memory third especial know truth
Chinese people have been celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival for centuries.It is (66)enjoyable for them to taste mooncakes together.Mooncakes are in the shape of a full moon on the Mid-Autumn night.They carry people's wishes to the families they love and miss.
ZhongWei,a 46-year-old husband and father has lived in Wenzhou for the last 13 years by (67)himself.With a hard job in a crayon factory,he doesn't find (68)much time to visit his hometown."I used to return home at least once a year,but I haven't been back for almost (69)three years now,it's a shame,but I just don't have the time."he says.
Many people like ZhongWei regard with great (70)interest how their hometowns have changed.Perhaps large hospitals and new roads have appeared.Their hometowns have become (71)better than before.In many places,the government has also built new schools and sent teachers from the cities to help.
"I noticed that's (72)true of my hometown,"adds ZhongWei."Children have learned to read and count at my old primary school since the mid-20th century.But now the buildings are very old.I hear they're going to build a new school there."ZhongWei thinks such developments are good,and he also (73)knows that his hometown cannot always stay the same.
According to ZhongWei,however,some things will never change."In my hometown,there was a big old tree opposite the school.It is still there and has become quite a symbol of the place.Most of the children in my time liked to play together under that big tree.(74)especially during the summer holidays.It was such a happy childhood.Our hometown has left many soft and sweet (75)memories in our hearts.How he wishes that he could come back his hometown now.
【解答】66 enjoyable 考查形容词 通过分析句子可知,这里涉及到一个句型:It is 形容词 for sb to do sth,故这里应该用形容词,结合句意"对他们来说一起吃月饼是-"结合选项可知,此处应该用enjoy的形容词形式:令人享受的,令人愉快的,答案为enjoyable
67 himself 考查反身代词 根据句意"ZhongWei,a 46-year-old husband and father has lived in Wenzhou for the last 13 years by _ 钟伟46岁了,他已经为人夫为人父,_ 在温州待了13年了"可知,这里是"by 反身代词"表示"独自"的意思,主语为"he",故答案为himself
68 much 考查形容词 根据现有词语"find _ time"及句意"他没有 _ 时间回他的家乡"可知,这里应该用形容词,表示"很多的"意思,结合选项,这里应该用most的原级 much修饰不可数名词time.故答案为:much
69 three 根据词语"for almost _ years"可知,这里应该为一个多于"一"的具体数字,结合选项,故答案为third的基数词three.
70 interest 考查名词 根据"with great _"可知,应填词语为名词,结合句意"很多像钟伟一样的人对家乡的改变很 _"可知,这里意为"很感兴趣"的意思,故这里为interested的名词形式interest,因"interest"表示"兴趣"的时候不可数,故答案为interest
71 better 考查形容词的比较级 根据"Perhaps large hospitals and new roads have appeared."可知他们的家乡变得更好了,由"than before"可知,这里应该用比较级,故答案为good的比较级 better
72 true 考查形容词 根据句意"I noticed that's _ of my hometown 我注意到那是_我的家乡的"再结合选项可知,这里考查的是短语"be true of 适用于,符合于",故答案为truth的形容词true.
73 knows 考查动词 根据句意"而且他也 _ 他的家乡不可能一成不变"再结合选项可知,这里为"知道"的意思,因主语为"he"为三单,此句为一般现在时,故用know的三单形式,答案为knows
74 especially 考查副词 根据句意"在我那个时代,大多数孩子们喜欢在大树下玩耍,_ 在暑假里."可知这里应该为副词"特别,尤其"的意思,所以这里用especial的副词形式,答案为especially
75 memories 考查名词 根据句意"我的家乡在我们的心里留下了很多温暖甜美的_"可知,这里应填词语的意思为"记忆 memory"由"many"可知,这里应该为复数形式,故答案为memories
11、(2016 枣庄)Last night I went to a concert of Chinese folk music.(46)Thepiece which was played on the erhu especially moved me.I was made (47)to feel(feel) sad and painful (48)strongly(strong).The piece (49)was named(name) Erquan Yingyue,but it was one of (50)the most moving(move) pieces of music that I've ever heard.The erhu sounded so sad (51)thatI almost cried along with it as I listened.Abing(52)whowas a folk musician wrote the music.He could play many musical(53)instruments(instrument) with his father's help.By age 17,he was known(54)for his musical skills.Today,Abing's Erquan Yingyue is a piece which all the greatest Erhu masters play and praise.It (55)has become( become ) one of China's.
【解答】46 The 考查冠词 根据后置定语"which was played on the erhu"以及后置定语修饰的名词"piece"可知,此处应该用定冠词the,故答案为The
47 to feel 考查动词 根据"was made"可知,这里涉及到的是短语:be made to do sth,故这里应该用feel的不定式形式,答案为 to feel
48 strongly 考查副词 通过分析句子结构可知,应填词语修饰前面的形容词"sad and painful",故这里用strong的副词形式,答案为strongly
49 was named 考查被动语态 根据现有词语及提示词可知,句意为"这首乐曲叫做《二泉映月》"这里是被动语态,被动语态的构成为:be 过去分词,且这里的时态为一般过去时,主语为单数,故答案为was named
50 the most moving 考查形容词的最高级 根据名词"pieces"及提示词可知,这里考查形容词moving的用法,因应填词语在"one of…"后面,故应该用最高级形式,答案为 the most moving
51 that 考察连词 根据句意"二胡听起来如此的悲伤,_ 我听着听着都哭了."以及"so"可知,这里考查的是句型"so…that…如此…以至于…"故答案为that
52 who/that 考查引导词的用法 通过分析句子成分可知,这里的"_was a folk musician"做后置定语修饰阿炳,因引导词在后置定语中做主语,先行词为人,所以这里可以用who/that
53 instruments 考查名词 根据"many"可知这里应该用名词的复数形式,故答案为 instruments
54 for 考查介词 be famous as 作为…而著名;be famous for 因…而著名.结合句意"到17岁的时候,他就因为他的音乐技巧而著名."可知,这里考查的是短语 be famous for,故答案为for
55 has become 考查句子时态 根据"Today,Abing's Erquan Yingyue is a piece which all the greatest Erhu masters play and praise.今天,阿炳的《二泉映月》是一首被所有杰出的二胡大师演奏和赞扬的乐曲."可知,《二泉映月》已经有了很高的地位,故这里应该用现在完成时,现在完成时的构成为:have/has 过去分词,主语为"it",故答案为 has become
12、(2016 盐城)"Make-A-Wish"is one of the world's most well-known charities,It makes wishes come true for children who have (71)seriousillness.It gives them hope and helps them forget about their (72)healthproblems.
It (73)startedin 1980in Phoenix,Arizona.Christopher was a 7-year-old boy who was very sick.He always dreamed of becoming a (74)pilotto fly in the sky.They gave Christopher a tour of the city in a police helicopter(直升飞机) and (75)broughta space helmet of him.
There are four kinds of wishes children usually have:
I wish to go.Children usually want to visit some (76)placesof interest,like the statue of Liberty.
I wish to meet.Children sometimes want to meet their (77)favoritefilm stars or sports players.
I wish to be.Some children wish to become doctors to help people who don't have money for (78)medicaltreatment.
I wish to have.Some children want to have a computer,a bike or many other things.(79)Lookingfor them,they can get what they want from the charity.
Let's hope more wishes will come true in the (80)future.People who work in the charity always try for the best.Will you be one of them?
【解答】71:serious  考查形容词 根据句意"It makes wishes come true for children who have _ illness 这个慈善机构主要帮助患有 _ 疾病的儿童病人完成梦想"和首字母"s"可知,这里考查的是形容词"严重的 serious",故答案为serious
72:health  考查名词 根据句意"It gives them hope and helps them forget about their _ problems.它给孩子们带来了希望并且帮助他们忘记他们的_问题"和上文的"children who have serious illness"可知,这里意为"健康问题",结合所给首字母"h"可知,答案为名词health
73:started 考查动词的用法 根据句意"It _in 1980 in Phoenix,Arizona.它1980年_于亚利桑那州的凤凰城"及首字母提示"s"可知,这里考查的是动词"start 开始,起源"的用法,由"in 1980"可知,这里的时态为一般过去时,故这里应该用start的过去式,答案为started
74:pilot 考查名词 根据"fly in the sky"和首字母提示"p"可知,克里斯多夫想要成为一个"飞行员 pilot",由冠词"a"可知,这里应该为单数形式,故答案为pilot
75:brought 考查动词的用法 根据句意"b_ a space helmet forhim.为他_太空头盔"及首字母提示"b"可知,这里考查的是动词"bring 带来"的用法,因这句话的时态为一般过去时,故这里应该用bring的一般过去式,答案为brought
76:places 考查名词短语 根据"like the statue of Liberty 像自由女神像"和首字母提示"p_ of interest"可知,这里意为"名胜古迹".名胜古迹:places of interest,故答案为places
77:favorite 考查形容词  根据句意"Children sometimes want to meet their _film stars or sports players 孩子们有的时候想见见他们_电影明星或者运动员"和首字母"f"可知,这里的应填词语意为"最喜欢的"形容词最喜欢的:favorite,故答案为favorite
78:medical 考查形容词  根据句意"who don't have money for _treatment 没有钱进行_ 治疗的人"和首字母"m"可知,这里应该为形容词"医学的 medical",故答案为medical
79:Looking 考查动词的用法  根据句意"_for them,they can get what they want from the charity._他们,他们可以从慈善机构得到他们想要的"和首字母"L"可知,这里意为"寻找",寻找:look for,因动词look放于句首,故应该用ing形式,答案为looking
80:future 考查名词  根据句意"Let's hope more wishes will come true in the _ 我们希望在_有更多的愿望可以实现"和首字母"f"可知,这里意为"在将来",在将来:in the future,故答案为名词future
13、(2016 青岛)
The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest wonders of the world.With a history of more than 2,000years,some parts of the Great Wall have (41)disappeared.It is,however,still a very popular place of interest.
It is the (42)longest wall ever built.It's from Shanhaiguan on the east coast to Gansu Province in the (43)northwest of China.It is about 8meters high.The top is 8meters (44)wide and it gets even wider towards the bottom where it is 15meters.It is made (45)of stone and brick.The top is hard enough for men on horseback to ride on.The wall was built by hand and it took (46)hundreds of years to finish.
No one knows (47)exactly when the building of the Great Wall was started.It is believed that the wall was built to (48)protect parts of the country during the Zhou Dynasty.Emperor Qin Shihuang joined the separate walls built by the Qin,Yan and Zhao Kingdoms.The wall was not only for protection in the north,it was also a (49)sybmol of China's ancient civilization (文明).
Today,many of the visitors go to see the wall.(50)Whenthey stand on top of a tower and look down on this wall,they can't help (禁不住) saying"Wow,that's fantastic!"
【解答】41.答案:disappeared 考查动词及时态,根据前面"more than 2000 years"说明长城历史悠久,结合后面"It is,however,still a very popular place of interest.然而,它仍然是一个非常受欢迎的名胜."可以推断出长城有些地方已经消失.disappear消失,根据句子中助动词have 过去分词,为现在完成时,表示已经发生某事,对现在造成影响,故填:disappeared.
42.答案:longest 考查形容词最高级,句子中ever built修饰wall,作后置定语,表示曾建过的…,结合语境"这是曾建造的…的墙."根据句子"It's from Shanhaiguan on the east coast to Gansu Province in the…of China可知这里是说长城是最长的墙,所以要用形容词最高级,修饰名词wall,故填:longest.
43.答案:northwest 考查方位词表达.根据句意"它从东海岸的山海关到中国…的甘肃省."表示在…范围之内in the…of China,中间用表示方位的词,northwest西北,符合事实,故填:northwest.
44.答案:wide 考查形容词及语境的理解,根据"The top is 8 meteres…"表示度量的,后接形容词(long,wide,high),结合后面的语境"它的底部更宽,有15米.",可以推断出这里指的是宽度,故填:wide.
45.答案:of 考查短语固定搭配,根据句意"它是用石头和砖砌成的."考查词组be made of由…制成,(可以看到产品的原材料,)故填:of.
46.答案:hundreds 考查数词修饰语,根据句意"长城花了…年才能完成."根据上面提供的单词,可以修饰years,只能用hundreds of数百的,故填:hundreds
47.答案:exactly考查副词及语境的理解,根据句意"没有人…知道长城是什么时候开始建造的."结合下文的介绍可知长城什么时候开始建造没有确切的时间.句子中"No one knows…"这里修饰动词know,要用副词形式,exactly确切地,故填:exactly.
48.答案:protect 考查动词及语境的理解,根据句意"据说长城是在周朝期间建造来…这个国家的领土."句子中"was built to…"这里to是动词不定式符号,后接动词原形,构成目的状语,结合下文"The wall was not only for protection in the north…"可知这里动词用protect保护,故填:protect.
49.答案:symbol 考查名词及语境的理解,根据句意"长城不仅保护北方地区,它也是一种中国古代文明的…"考查词组a symbol of一种…象征,故填:symbol.
50.答案:When 考查时间状语从句,根据句意"…他们站在一个塔顶上俯视这座墙时,他们情不自禁地说:"哇,太壮观了!""表示当…时候,用when引导时间状语从句,故填:When.
14、(2016 重庆)Teenagers and their parents always think differently.Children always hate the (80)questionsasked by their parents.Here are some of them.
What did you get on your report card?
Unless you get all As and Bs,you'll never want to hear this question come out of your parents'mouths.How do they know it is the report card day?Mom and Dad are going to be angry when they see you (81)get/havea C in math.
Did you clean your room?
"YES,"you shout downstairs as you start running around your room,hiding all the clothes on your floor under your bed.You must finish all of this (82)beforeyour mom comes into your room and sees your room is still in a mess.
Is it your boyfriend/girlfriend?
You can't understand why your (83)parentsalways ask such a question.You find it difficult to give an answer.It's either because you don't know what kind of relationship it is (84)orthere is an important reason you can't tell them.
Did you call a family member for his/her birthday?
Uh,no.Honestly,you see this family member once every three years.What will you say (85)tohim/her?Can't you just write"Happy Birthday"in his/her WeChat or QQ group?
Such problems often happen to teenagers and their parents.Maybe (86)both/twosides should have some changes and try to understand each other better.For parents,they may let the children be free to deal with their (87)ownproblems.For children,they'd better ask their parents for some advice.
【解答】80.questions 考查名词辨析.根据全文内容,全文主要讲的是青少年不喜欢父母问的一些问题,因此为question;
81.get/have 考查动词辨析.本段讲的主要是父母问学业成绩,再根据第一个句子Unless you get all As and Bs,可知动词为get,而且是对一般情况的描述,时态为一般现在时,表示"得到A/B/C等级",也可以用动词have.
82.before 考查时间介词.根据前一句的内容--you shout downstairs as you start running around your room,hiding all the clothes on your floor under your bed.可知,青少年对父母进自家房间检查是很抗拒的,会在父母进自己房间前把衣服藏进被子里,可知这一句表达的时--在父母进房间前,收拾好房间,因此用时间介词before.
83.parents 考查名词辨析.根据全文内容,可知整篇文章都是在讲父母问孩子问题,因此此处也是孩子不能明白父母为什么总问这样的问题,因此为parents,注意为可数名词复数形式,表示"父母".
84.or 考查并列连词.根据前面的关键词either,再结合句意,表示"要不就是你也不清楚其中的关系,要不就是你觉得有很重要的原因无法告知他们",此处为并列连词 either…or的用法.
85.to 考查动词短语.say to sb,表示对…说.因此答案为say.
86.both/two 考查形容词.根据前一句Such problems often happen to teenagers and their parents.可以推知,解决问题需要双方都进行改变,因此用both或者two.
87.own 考查形容词.形容词性物主代词 own 名词,强调某人自己的…,此处为(青少年)他们自己的,因此为own
15、(2016 江西)
real noisy clean after work be area traffic also live
Many people have cars in the city.But pollution is a problem because of the (51)traffic.Nowadays some downtown (市中心) areas around the world don't have cars.These car-free zones (无车区) are (52)areasfor people,bicycles,and public transportation only.
Eight million people (53)livein the center of London and another two million people go to work there every day.The downtown area is very(54)noisywith hundreds of cars,buses,and taxis,but there are (55)alsoa lot of beautiful parks with free music concert.At lunchtime,many people go there for a rest (56)afterthey get off work.
Parts of Tokyo are always crowded with hundreds of people-but no cars!These modern car-free zones are (57)reallypopular and people like shopping there.
In the past,Bogota was polluted because there (58)werelots of cars and traffic.Now the downtown area is car-free zone and the air is (59)clean!Many people don't have a car and half a million people take the bus (60)to work.There are lots of stores.It's not expensive.
【解答】51.traffic 考查名词.根据前文提到很多人都有车(Many people have cars),污染也因此而生(pollution is a problem),可知此空所需要的词和车、污染有关.这里和车相近的名词是traffic.故答案为traffic.
52.areas 考查名词.根据其后的"for people,bicycles,and public transportation only"可知此句是用来解释说明无车区的,故此处需要名词area,并且这里的areas来代指前文中的"these car free zones",故用复数.故答案为areas.
53.live 考查动词.根据其后的in the center of London.可知八百万的人生活在伦敦中心.解答这道题需要掌握"live in"这个短语的意思.根据其后的"and"可知前后两句在时态上要保持一致,后面的动词为"go"为一般现在时.故此处的live也要用一般现在时,并且主语为复数,故动词应该用原形形式.故答案为live.
54.noisy 考查形容词.根据其后的伴随状语with hundreds of cars,buses,and taxis,可知此处的含义应为"噪音,吵闹".此空位于be之后,且可以用副词very修饰,可知此处需要形容词.故答案为noisy.
55.also 考查副词.根据but,可知前后的句子是转折意义.表示有大量噪音,但是同时又有公园.表示"也"位于句子中间用also,故答案为also.
56.after 考查介词.根据句子意思和一般的生活常识,此处是说在午饭时间,人们下班后会到公园里休息一下可以判断使用"after(在…之后)".故答案为after.
57.really 考查副词.首先根据句子意思无车区真的流行了起来锁定使用real这个词,后面的popular是形容词,前面修饰时一般要使用副词,因此答案是really.
58.were 考查be动词.根据there,可知此处需要there be句型.根据主句Bogota was polluted(一般过去时),可知从句中的There Be句型也用一般过去时,根据其后的lots of可知be动词用复数.故答案为were.
59.clean 考查形容词.根据Now the downtown area is car-free zone,可知现在市中心是无车区,可判断空气是干净的.故此处需要形容词clean.故答案为clean.
60.to work 考查不定式.根据句子意思许多人没有车还有50万人乘坐公交可以判断,这里使用work最合适,动词使用的是take,take something to do something使用什么干什么.所以这里使用"to work"表示目的.故答案为to work
16、(2016 宁波)More and more teenagers are using the Internet nowadays,but some of them aren't using it in a proper way.If you follow these suggestions,it'll be much (46)safer (安全的)than you might think.
Do not give your password to others and never give out your home (47)address(地址),real name,age,school or phone number to those (48)strangers(陌生人).
Do not share your (49)private (私密的)information in Moments (朋友圈)
Never answer unwanted (50)e-mails (电子邮件).
Be (51)careful(小心的) when you are using public Wi-Fi or scanning QR code (扫二维码).
Never go and meet anyone you met online (52)without (没有)your parents'permission and never go (53)alone(单独地).
Keep a separate credit (信用)card just for (54)shopping (购物)online.This will make it easier to (55)cancel (取消)if something bad happens and your other credit cards can still be used uninfluenced.
52.答案:without.结合后面的your parents'permission是名词短语,用介词without表示没有,后可加名词,故答案是without.
55.答案:cancel.it在这是形式宾语,后面的动词不定式是真正宾语,构成make it adj to do sth让做某事是怎样的,取消cancel动词,故答案是cancel


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